Thursday, November 10, 2011


super starstrucked  kme sa kanya! BRILLANTE MENDOZA

Amazing Night!!! Italian Film Festival!! curious talaga ako sobra sa Indie films. I've always wanted to wacth Cinemalaya Films and different indie Films from different countries. So surprised that Moviemov picked Philippine one of the 3 countries they'll the launch the Italian Film Fest YEAH!. When we got into Greenbelt Cinemas they told us that its a VIP event thing but if ever the Movie House won't be occupied by VIP we could get in. so in short na sa waiting list kme!! damn! at first parang nakakadurog ng puso lalo na yung friend ko na and dismiss niya a 3pm nag antay until 8:30pm just to see the film diba! so we waited pa din hoping we really could get in and watch this film :)).  Had dinner first at Bon Chon gutom na kme eh, went back early and OMG we saw ALBERT MARTINEZ tapos tapos we check yun we got tickets na yeheeeeyy.  We weren't  expecting na makakanood kme (na sobrang 50-50 yung chance ) pero  watching the film, with  Media People, Italian Film Directors and OMG! BRILLANTE MENDOZA! Cannes Best Director, wooohooo. A little ceremony took place they've welcome the Fest and Mendoza made a little speech :) Kaya namn pla naban ang film na SERBIS ni Mr. Mendoza expose ito sobra. just read between the lines.

*watch its for free :))

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