Wednesday, December 7, 2011


If there’s any consolation that you would like to give your feet and legs, it would be getting or buying the most comfortable flats! Your feet and legs would totally thank you for this. For college students (or even high school students, for that matter) like me, it’s a must to have a pair of comfy flats such as these Sailor flats from Soleil.
To cut this short, Soleil is generous and kind enough to give away a size 7 Sailor flats to one lucky reader!

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011


hindi ko na ito papalampasin yehey!!!
thanks BLOGGERS UNITED for the 2nd Bazaar 

*good thing malapit ang venue :)


super starstrucked  kme sa kanya! BRILLANTE MENDOZA

Amazing Night!!! Italian Film Festival!! curious talaga ako sobra sa Indie films. I've always wanted to wacth Cinemalaya Films and different indie Films from different countries. So surprised that Moviemov picked Philippine one of the 3 countries they'll the launch the Italian Film Fest YEAH!. When we got into Greenbelt Cinemas they told us that its a VIP event thing but if ever the Movie House won't be occupied by VIP we could get in. so in short na sa waiting list kme!! damn! at first parang nakakadurog ng puso lalo na yung friend ko na and dismiss niya a 3pm nag antay until 8:30pm just to see the film diba! so we waited pa din hoping we really could get in and watch this film :)).  Had dinner first at Bon Chon gutom na kme eh, went back early and OMG we saw ALBERT MARTINEZ tapos tapos we check yun we got tickets na yeheeeeyy.  We weren't  expecting na makakanood kme (na sobrang 50-50 yung chance ) pero  watching the film, with  Media People, Italian Film Directors and OMG! BRILLANTE MENDOZA! Cannes Best Director, wooohooo. A little ceremony took place they've welcome the Fest and Mendoza made a little speech :) Kaya namn pla naban ang film na SERBIS ni Mr. Mendoza expose ito sobra. just read between the lines.

*watch its for free :))

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I have always wanted watch Italian indie Films. Shang-rila offers free passes for this films but Edsa Shang-rila is way too far from my house and nakakatamad din talagang mag commute :)).
Good thing Moviemov have chosen Manila for this and in tribute to our very own Brillantes Mendoza, Cannes best director.  The Moviemov: Italian Film Festivals is set this November 09 to 13 at Greenbelt 3 , Makati.


  1. Il conformista             1970         November 10, 9:30 pm, Cinema 3
  2. Ultimo tango a Parigi    1972         November 11, 9:00 pm, Cinema 3
  3. L'ultimo imperatore      1987         November 12, 9:30 pm, Cinema 3
  4. The Dreamers             2003         November 13, 9:30 pm, Cinema 3

  1. Suspiria                     1977         November 11, 4:00 pm, Cinema 5
  2. Profondo rosso            1975         November 13, 5:00 pm, Cinema 5
  3. Show reel Dracula 3D   2012         November 9, 10:00 pm, Cinema 4

  1. Serbis                        2008         November 9, 8:30 pm, Cinema 3
  2. Lola                           2009         November 12, 4:00 pm, Cinema 5
  3. Kinatay                      2009         November 13, 5:30 pm, Cinema 3

Very EXCITED to see  Films at its best!THANKS

Monday, November 7, 2011


After a long time, finally maboblog ko na what had happened.The Event happened Tuesday night which means a work day before and after the party. Since my friend of Pia Mariano and I was so excited and anxious to experience multiply's shopping party. After office i rushed to Glorietta because i forgot to buy the shirt i want to wear for the party <3. Tweeted Ms.Nicole of  that we'll be running late because of work.  Meet up with  Pia Mariano at Mcdonalds near our place and headed down to White Space, Pasong Tamo Extension for the Multiply-Shopping-Party.  A little fashion from different OnLine Stores and prizes were given out to lucky winners


below are some of the photos i took during the fashion show, if you want to see more check it here



this guy really caught me and my friends eye his so cute and he has a very nice eyes  (really) and he's very shy walking the runway :)<3



Invites to this party was given by Nicole of, wherein she conducted an online contest via her site and twitter and luckily i won 2 invites. YEHEY FOR THAT!
after the little fashion show tweeted Nicole to meet her so i could thank her personally and we got to meet new friend, fun right?


watching the little show and some chit-chats with friends really made us thirsty so we decided to grab some punch and try all the flavors of Boracay Rhum offered at the event and also the food are yummy :)




To our surprise we saw TIM YAP (after hosting the Freeway X Manansala Event which also happened that night. He went right away to the Shopping Party, Cool) , and a little scared to ask him for some photos. Our first attempt failed because the head of the Multiply went to him and snatch him to have some chit chat. and for the second attempt finally a photo with him. wooohhhoooo!!!


after a great night and a photo with TIM YAPto complete the night a bag full of surprises from the event was given to all the attendees yehey for an amazing night then off to sip some margarita to finally end the night.


amazing gifts from multiply

me and pia
(Shopping buddy and soon event buddy*hopefully*)

Outfit photos will be next :) thanks for reading,Goodnight!


DSC_0215 by honargate
DSC_0215, a photo by honargate on Flickr.

Monday, October 17, 2011


Shopping Party? What is that? unique right? Its an exciting party where online sellers and buyer come in one amazing event to mingle and have fun. Everybody's talking about in twitter facebook, blogs. Everybody's gonna party and surprises awaits.

I was so suprise about this event by Multiply. Give aways flooded through twitter and facebook, Lucky for me I got invites from Ms. Nicole Alejandro of and i got to bring a friend ( Maria Paula Olivia Mariano @mpogm ) with me yehey! ( sorry i wasnt able link you her site im only using my phone to blog ) I'M REALLY EXCITED for tonights event. Hope to see some friends and meet new people lateerr


Thursday, October 13, 2011


Its my come back post, I love reading blogs of fashionistas and i like joining their blog give aways. September was the month when give-aways flood like hell it was really fun joining blog-giveaways and checking on them every minute every hour to know if you won or something. For me it was fun. I got lost track last month and forgot that i joined some giveaways. it was a rough month for me. Loads of paper works, business issues.

I have this routine of checking my phone first getting off my bed and to my surprise, i got a message from Keigh Jalbuena of DELISHOES SERVINGS ( that she's giving me until the end of the month to send her my contact details. i was shock surprise lahat na ng masayang expression haha. And then i realized omg nakakahiya naman di ko alam. Messaged her right away and apologize for being so late and all.

And just yesterday i got to meet her and handed me my prizes from her blog-giveaway from alluring love. It was quick because we are both in a hurry. i was really shy and excited to meet Keigh , she was so sweet and kind to wait for my contact details. I also got to meet Ava and Angel :) i actually brought my camera that time kaso i was too shy na mag papicture sa kanila haha. I hope i can meet them again and hang out with them. Keigh took some pictures. I'll wait for it nalang then blog it.

Keigh Jalbuena thank you so much for the prizes:)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Perfect Blue Heels

 After watching Sex in the City 2 over and over again, and saw Carrie's perfect Blue Satin Shoes by Manolo Blahnick. FYI : this saved Manolo's Company and yet he calls it " stupid satin shoes" haha.

 Since then, i was obsessed in finding my own perfect blue heels. i was searching and searching for it for months haha :) And when i saw that SM Parisian shoes are feature in PFW and saw that they had      one. i went to the mall right away and tried it. i felt heaven wearing it :*) YAY!

Since it's Fashion Week the sales lady in SM gave me a coupon which gives me 20% off if i'll buy a pair of shoes. Having great deal and opportunity, i bought two pair of heels the blue heels that made me feel heaven (haha) and a color tan printed heels <3 

i really do love shoes name it stilletos,wedges, flats, platforms, brogues, loafers, boots. i love them all :)

If you're afraid of trying on shoes that are a little higher than your usual shoes grab your mom's old heels, walk around your room practice then practice. 
If your still afraid that you might fall or anything try wedges, its  comfortable and it'll give much support than stilettos.


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Sunday, July 10, 2011


 I am not really good in designing site but do have creative ideas about my site but i don't know how can i get it done and all so ask my friend to make one for me gave her my idea and whoaaalaa she made me a very nice header
i got these three headers from her thanks to you friend :)



I end my last blog having a good time with my college buddies after two month of having a break from blogging, and entered the real, corporate world and been working and working, earning some cash, got to buy some shoes clothes and bags haha
this was my first day outfit for work.

first day 

Sunday, May 1, 2011


I went out with my College Friends last night and it was really really fun. We missed each other so much that we greeted each other like we used to during school days. ang mang-asar ng todo sa isat isa at walng katapusang barahan!! Met new friends from Factset  :))))

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Visited Burnham Park in Baguio. it was my first time there, we rented a boat and tried to paddle but we got stuck on the side, so we've decided to ask for help and paid the paddle services of the boat owner. i love the weather there. how i wish manila would have that cold breeze.

with mom

on the boat and loving the cold breeze of Baguio city

so little time to visit the park

i'll be back soon



my mom and i, love shoes, bags and accessories. 
and we have the same size when it comes to shoes. 

My mom bought me this one yesterday! yehey! thank you! ily



 A spontaneous night with friend. My friend is very happy that night and he's with his love and all.  We sip some cocktails and chat till morning :))

it was really an on-the-spot night out. shorts and shirt for the night only.

xoxo, hon


A Shoe Tale: WHO WANTS TO GO TO FASHION WEEK??: "Just a month to go!!see you at Fashion Week! xx, Vern "

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Strawberry Farm

 Right after the mass at the Manaog Church and buying of fruits and some souvenirs. we headed straight to Baguio. It was my first time to visit the city and because have so little time to explore the place, we run and roam around like how they do in the amazing race [figuratively]haha. the temperature is okay.