Monday, July 11, 2011

Perfect Blue Heels

 After watching Sex in the City 2 over and over again, and saw Carrie's perfect Blue Satin Shoes by Manolo Blahnick. FYI : this saved Manolo's Company and yet he calls it " stupid satin shoes" haha.

 Since then, i was obsessed in finding my own perfect blue heels. i was searching and searching for it for months haha :) And when i saw that SM Parisian shoes are feature in PFW and saw that they had      one. i went to the mall right away and tried it. i felt heaven wearing it :*) YAY!

Since it's Fashion Week the sales lady in SM gave me a coupon which gives me 20% off if i'll buy a pair of shoes. Having great deal and opportunity, i bought two pair of heels the blue heels that made me feel heaven (haha) and a color tan printed heels <3 

i really do love shoes name it stilletos,wedges, flats, platforms, brogues, loafers, boots. i love them all :)

If you're afraid of trying on shoes that are a little higher than your usual shoes grab your mom's old heels, walk around your room practice then practice. 
If your still afraid that you might fall or anything try wedges, its  comfortable and it'll give much support than stilettos.


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Christel said...

you really do have a huge shoe collection and i'd really love to have one too! inspire me haha! i love every pair of heels you wear everyday at work :)

Daphne said...

I love shoes and blue ones are no exception. Gives an instant oomph to any outfit! :)

honeybunny said...

I totally agree with you daphne!!!!