Thursday, October 13, 2011


Its my come back post, I love reading blogs of fashionistas and i like joining their blog give aways. September was the month when give-aways flood like hell it was really fun joining blog-giveaways and checking on them every minute every hour to know if you won or something. For me it was fun. I got lost track last month and forgot that i joined some giveaways. it was a rough month for me. Loads of paper works, business issues.

I have this routine of checking my phone first getting off my bed and to my surprise, i got a message from Keigh Jalbuena of DELISHOES SERVINGS ( that she's giving me until the end of the month to send her my contact details. i was shock surprise lahat na ng masayang expression haha. And then i realized omg nakakahiya naman di ko alam. Messaged her right away and apologize for being so late and all.

And just yesterday i got to meet her and handed me my prizes from her blog-giveaway from alluring love. It was quick because we are both in a hurry. i was really shy and excited to meet Keigh , she was so sweet and kind to wait for my contact details. I also got to meet Ava and Angel :) i actually brought my camera that time kaso i was too shy na mag papicture sa kanila haha. I hope i can meet them again and hang out with them. Keigh took some pictures. I'll wait for it nalang then blog it.

Keigh Jalbuena thank you so much for the prizes:)

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